Illustration #2 (Miranda Kerr)

This is my first attempt at using Illustrator and I kind of like it. It feels a lot nicer to use that photoshop, especially the pen tool and the colour swatching.

I'm obviously not brilliant at it yet but I'm really enjoying learning how to use it and getting used to how it works and moves. It's actually really fun! I'm so use to illustrating just by hand and having all this free movement so using a mouse pad and trying to get a machine to look free is hard. 

I'm not fully happy with how this turned out. The nose definetly isn't right and the there are some details I would will probably go back and try to work on. But for a first attempt I'm actually really happy with it.

Have you use Illustrator, or perhaps a similar type of program to draw with? let me know!z

#FASHIONFIXFRIDAY - Orange Is The New Black

Orange Is The New Black

If your not obsessed with the television show Orange Is The New Black then you need to drop everything you're doing now right now and dedicate at least four days to Netflixing both series right now!

#WCW Hailey Baldwin

I'm honestly obsessed with this girl. She's 17 and a Baldwin*, how are more people not crushing on her?

H&M Wishlist

H&M Wishlist

Heres a few pieces from H&M that I'm crushing on for the summer.

All the items are airy and light but fashionable which is perfect for the summer since it's so hot and sticky, not necessarily sunny mind!!!

What items are you after this summer? Let me know!

The Hoppings: Newcastle

Every year the Hoppings comes to Newcastle (except last year when it went to Sunderland and no one went to it) and I have never been. Every year I beg someone to take me but everyone is usually busy or doesn't have a spare £30 to waste, which is fair enough. 

This year I managed to convince my best friends to go with me and I had the best time (except when I cried on one ride...).

New Things!

I recently had a couple of events to attend (Grandma's 75th birthday and a friends 24th) and I knew I needed to up date my bag situation. 
I have an obsession with bags, I always have and I always will. I have any number of bags that I could use but I always seems to go for the same Black studded Urban Outfitters bag that I've had for about two years. 

So I was in Primark the other day and I actually found something I liked. I rarely find anything I actually like at Primark, I usually just get basic things I might need and thats it. But for the first time ever I found something that I'm in love with. This little box-bag:

(excuse my awful fake tan!)

It's honestly the nicest thing I've ever found at Primark. I usually opt for just black bags with some detail on. If you know me then you know black is my everything. 

It's pretty small so it can't be used as an every day bag but it's perfect for nights out when I basically only carry keys, money and lipstick. 

The geometric print is so eye catching and the gold trim and clasp really makes this bag so nice! If I didn't have to work all the time I'd totally be using this bag every moment.

Well done Primark!

Illustrations pt.1

I'm totally into fashion illustration and have always wanted to develop my skills of illustration. I'm used to doing illustration by hand but everything is going towards computers and technology and stuff so I'm giving it ago.
I recently saw a photograph of model Karolina Kurkova at Barcelona Bridal Week and absolutely feel in love with a wedding dress she wore. (click here to see it). I loved it so much that I felt inspired to give it ago illustrating it.

Let me know what you think!